Benefits of LEDs

Published : 2015-01-27 23:55:56
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Benefits of LEDs

HIGH EFFICIENCY - converts electricity directly into light, resulting in lower heat generation, cooler fittings and efficacies exceeding that of incandescent and many fluorescent sources.

COOL SAFE LIGHT - no heat in the form of infra-red radiation and the absence of damaging UV results in cooler fittings and cooler, safer light, making LEDs the ideal form of lighting when conventional sources would cause a problem (eg. task lighting, museum cabinet lighting or food lighting).

LOW POWER CONSUMPTION - results in significant energy savings that often drives the installation of LED-based systems.

RELIABLE - high operating life with no routine maintenance normally required, leads to significant costs savings in lamp replacement and associated labour costs.

RUGGED - high resistance to shock and vibration.

SAFE - low voltage operation makes LEDs safe for wet areas

SMALL - compact construction allows for miniaturisation and discreet light fittings.

EXCELLENT LIGHT CONTROL - well defined light emission characteristics and purpose-designed collimator lenses enable precise shaping and control of beam spread, achieving efficiencies of around 90%.

FAST - solid-state technology provides instantaneous 'turn-on' and 'turn-off' for strobing and chasing effects. Ideally suited to applications requiring frequent switching with no detriment to operating life.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - LEDs do not contain mercury.

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