Christian Brothers College

Published : 2017-03-20 04:06:30
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Christian Brothers College

Toilets and associated wash zones are often overlooked when it comes to considerate use of lighting, perhaps due to what occurs in these zones and whether or not adequate lighting is deemed relevant. We at Digilin appreciate superior lighting in all areas of a building and we congratulate the designers at Christian Brothers College in Perth for their vision and approach to illuminating this toilet block.

As a highly regarded design firm in Perth’s Subiaco, EIW Architects have an extensive list of completed projects, with many of these in the education sector. When selecting lighting for the Christian Brothers College, EIW were able to source many of their preferred luminaires from the number one lighting distributor in the region – HI Lighting.

As the official distributor for the best lighting brands available, HI Lighting have the products and capabilities to deliver on any lighting requirement or challenge. And when it came to the right solution for this toilet block, the Digilin combination of Intense 017 Extrusion with 4000K MPF LED module was a perfect fit.

This linear LED package was deployed across the ceiling in general areas, above stalls and vanities in a well executed manner. The linear light positioned above the vanities enables great vision for hand washing and may possibly be the most effective zit popping zone in the west. It just goes to show that even toilets and utility areas can look great with some great design choices and the right lighting.

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