Helios Highbays for WB Clarke Geoscience Centre

Published : 2016-02-11 20:16:48
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Helios Highbays for WB Clarke Geoscience Centre

With massive expansion in mining and commercial projects across NSW over the last few years, the WB Clarke Geoscience facility in western Sydney also required an expansion.  Its role is to catalogue and store core samples from projects across the state.  The resulting drillcore library is available to the industry and geoscientists alike, with new additions being added every day from mineral exploration.

The expansion to the warehouse facility required new lighting and the Digilin Helios Pro range was selected by NSW Public Works engineers for their output and longevity performance.

Being a warehouse that is constantly on call, it was important for the lighting fixtures to provide suitable output, for many years, right down to the lower levels of the warehouse bays.  The Digilin engineering team assisted extensively in providing lux plots to allow the appropriate selection of beam angles for consistent illumination over the 13m high warehouse racking.

The engineers also selected a 4000K colour temperature from the available range to ensure that colour rendering of the stone samples being viewed would be suitable.

In the end 64 x 250w 90° fittings were selected for the project after NSW Public Works and Digilin engineers worked together to find the specifications required.

Engineer calculations for project 

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