ICON LED Downlight Celebrates 10 Years!

Published : 2017-02-17 11:17:16
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ICON LED Downlight Celebrates 10 Years!

The original ICON downlight was called the ICON-STAR and was the first mass produced LED downlight by Digilin. It was a super versatile high output device using the most advanced SMD LED and lens technology of the time.

The ICON-STAR was followed by the ICON-700 series with improved output, efficiency and beam control. The subsequent release of the ICON-800 series totally raised the bar, as it enabled general lighting via LED, and was the first LED downlight in Australia (and possibly the world) to achieve comparable lumen output to a 50w halogen. The ICON-800 series is still in production today and fulfils a small niche market for retro LED, while the newer LED downlight ranges using COB technology are more commonly sought due to their superior performance.

We are extremely proud of the ICON, designed and manufactured in Australia, and used in projects all over the world. While LED technology leaps forward at an amazing pace, its interesting to see where it began. So here’s to the ICON, the Australian Innovation that started it all!

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