Ipswich Civic Centre

Published : 2015-07-07 10:19:51
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Ipswich Civic Centre


The Ipswich Civic Centre has a longstanding relationship with the city of Ipswich. It is a much loved touring performance, corporate function and community event venue. When the house lighting was experiencing ongoing failures and narrow maintenance cycles, the centre required a new technology solution.

The resulting “shootout” allowed the Digilin LED technology to demonstrate its exceptional light output, and initiated discussion about the venue lighting needs. The new lighting system had to meet a criteria beyond outstanding performance and reliability.

The fixtures needed remarkable lumen delivery and superior beam control to accommodate the 14.5m high ceiling, while achieving a minimum 250 lux at 1m above floor level. Smooth dimming, genuine warm colour temp, and seamless integration with the existing control infrastructure were also essential.

The Solution

After some onsite testing, the Digilin Freedom 140 was demonstrated with an 18 degree lens. The resulting lux levels using this 40 watt device, were comparable to the levels achieved with the installed 300w halogen par lamps. The combination of the Freedom LED downlight with Digilin control gear easily met the demands of the venue.

Project Support

The team at Digilin worked closely with the venue to develop custom adaptor plates, enabling the new fixtures to be installed into the original enclosures. Digilin engineers designed control interfaces to enable integration of the new DALI controlled downlights into the existing DMX infrastructure.

The technical team at Digilin supported the venue throughout installation and commissioning of the new system, until sign off by the venue technical manager. The system has not required any maintenance or service calls to date.

System Specifications

  • Freedom 140 LED Downlight inc 18 Degree Optics
  • Freedom 140 LED Downlight inc 52 Degree Optics
  • Custom Powder-coated Adaptor Plates
  • DMX - DALI Interface

System Benefits

  • Energy usage reduction of 86.6%
  • Better light levels than the replaced conventional system
  • Zero expenditure on lamps (previously 2000 hour cycles)
  • Zero expenditure on lamp holders and consumables
  • Zero expenditure on house lighting maintenance labour
  • Uses existing cabling infrastructure plus additional control cable
  • Increased functionality through fixture grouping and scene control
  • Simple pre-set access from various locations
  • Removed risk of glass falling on audience through lamp shatter
  • Reduced air-conditioning costs as lights run a lot cooler


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