New Linear LED Profiles

Published : 2017-04-12 03:41:20
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New Linear LED Profiles

As the pioneers of Linear LED lighting, Digilin continues to innovate new products and solutions for unique lighting challenges. That’s clearly demonstrated with the new ultra versatile and fully optioned linear profile range from Digilin

No less than sixteen new linear profiles have been added to the already comprehensive range. When combined with the eighteen available LED modules this equates to over 300 different linear LED options in the standard range alone.

The new profiles include various sizes in recessed and surface mount, plus some unique profiles for specialty linear applications. A new Digilin favourite is the Duro 531 which is very handsome indirect lighting system capable of surface mount or suspended installation, essentially creating its own complete bulkhead in a compact form factor. The Rori 532 is a beautifully designed recess version, enabling easy to install indirect lighting into any ceiling. The options are endless, and all linear systems are built to order by Digilin and backed by our 5 year comprehensive warranty.   

These linear systems are managed by Digilin control devices, designed and manufactured here in Australia. Digilin technical support is available at your convenience to assist with product specifications and configuration.

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