Project LED & Mission LED Now in Ultra Warm 2700K

Published : 2017-02-28 17:38:13
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Project LED & Mission LED Now in Ultra Warm 2700K

The development of Ultra Warm 2700K modules for these strips comes after much enquiry and request, especially from the hospitality project sector.  We certainly enjoy the feedback from the market and it assists us to develop products to suit.

Having been part of the Digilin range for some time now, Project LED and Mission LED have become a specification goto for either standard or high output LED strip and are the two most popular linear systems from Digilin. Both of these systems offer selectable beam options in a compact form, so their versatility is exceptional.

Originally available in warm, neutral and cool white, the ultra warm white will be a welcome new option and hopefully demonstrate what a few hundred degrees kelvin can really do!

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