Taipan Flare

Published : 2017-02-01 16:49:00
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Taipan Flare

The Taipan Flare uses revolutionary “Dual LED & Dual Lens” technology to enable a super wide wall wash effect with even distribution across the beam. The catalyst for development of this device was a superyacht requiring a wall wash effect to an upper deck superstructure wall. The obvious solution to this was a recessed linear system, but the client insisted on achieving this coverage with a point source luminaire.

Digilin engineers embarked on an R & D process that resulted in a perfect wall wash beam, by using two LED’s with two lenses positioned for best effect. After extensive testing the fixtures reached final production design, were manufactured at our Brisbane facility, then exported for installation and commissioning. The results were fantastic and generated some discussion regarding other uses for the Taipan Flare.

The Taipan Flare is now an integral part of the Digilin exterior product range and is sought after as an in-ground fixture for wall wash applications. The marine grade 316 body with IP68 rating makes it perfect for outdoor applications. And from here we intend use this amazing LED/Lens combination in other fixtures such as downlight and bollards.

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