What Are Fibre Optics?

Published : 2015-01-27 23:54:42
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What Are Fibre Optics?

Add mystery, magic and excitement to lighting and create breathtaking effects that are unparalleled by any other lighting technology. From the subtle to the extreme, the applications and effects of fibre optics are boundless and are limited only by one's imagination and expectations.

  • Safe, energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  • An alternative to neon and many other types of lighting.
  • Free of many of the constraints of traditional lighting.
  • Comprised of a remotely located light source which contains the lamp and optical system; fibre optic cables (optical harness) used to capture and carry the light; and lenses or end fittings used to shape the beam and emit the light.
  • Can produce linear, 'neon style' lighting, using special sidelight fibre optic cables that emit light all along their length.
  • Have the ability to change colour and produce stunning high impact animated visual effects.

Digilin, one of only a few companies worldwide that specialise in fibre optic lighting, is perhaps the most experienced. A solutions-driven company, Digilin prides itself in its different approach to fibre optic lighting projects. It looks for the best solution and is not constrained by 'how things have been done in the past' or limited to the use of off-the-shelf products. Digilin can customise solutions by designing custom products for specific jobs.

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