Company History

Digilin was founded in 1980 by Mr. Jon Davis.  After successfully operating as an industrial electronic engineering company, by 1985 Digilin had expanded into fibre optic lighting and quickly positioned itself at the forefront of the newly developing industry.

In 2002, technological breakthroughs lifted the performance of high power LEDs to new heights and made successful LED electronic lighting viable for the first time. Digilin's extensive experience in fibre optic lighting and electronic design and manufacturing ideally placed the company in a position to embrace this new and rapidly expanding technology.

Over the decades since establishment, Digilin has enjoyed much success though design and manufacture of fibre optic and LED lighting products. Digilin products have been selected for hundreds of projects worldwide where results are critical. Digilin designed and built the “first” LED downlight to achieve better lumen output than a 50w halogen.

In 2013 Digilin merged with Lightech resulting in the new company “Digilin Australia Pty Ltd”

Digilin Today

At the core of Digilin is a team of lighting engineers dedicated to developing lighting products that deliver better performance than their predecessors and competitors. Digilin has extensive experience in electronic design, photometrics and mechanical design, enabling us to bring to market innovative LED and Fibre Optic Lighting solutions. These solutions provide all the benefits inherent of LED and Fibre Optics, as well as Digilin's own product guarantees for its LED and Fibre Optic Lighting.

Digilin has forged an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability, while manufacturing in Australia for more than 30 years. Digilin has been at the forefront of emerging LED and fibre optic lighting technologies, and has enjoyed being the “choice of professionals” for projects locally & internationally.

Digilin Australia continues to manufacture superior quality LED and fibre optic lighting, right here in Australia, but now adds a dedicated technical support team and increased service levels.

Digilin Australia will continue to be the “choice of professionals” by;

- Manufacturing superior lighting products that outperform all others

- Engineering solutions for performance and reliability

- Pioneering research and development into emerging lighting technologies

- Providing extensive technical support to our customers and associates

At Digilin Australia we are embracing the challenges of Australian manufacturing and we are extremely grateful for your business & support. What we are creating is a brand new “Digilin Experience” that will set the foundation for the next 30 years, we certainly hope you can be part of this exciting journey