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DMX Downlight Driver (Super Smooth)

DMX Downlight Driver (Super Smooth)

DMX Downlight Driver (Super Smooth)

Precise control with a super smooth dimming curve.


The LDD-DMX range of LED drivers are single channel DALI receivers with constant current outputs. Specifically the different versions are matched to Digilin's range of LED downlights (including the Freedom, Liberty, Latitude and ICON Mini families).

The drivers make use of a non-linear dimming curve, allowing for finer control at low light levels, and combines this with Digilin's smoothed transitions software which makes transitions in light levels almost imperceptible.


  • Watts - 50
  • Dimmable - Yes
  • IP Rating - 20
  • Weight - 65g
  • Length - 121mm
  • Height - 33mm
  • Width - 54mm


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