3 Channel DMX LED Driver

3 Channel DMX LED Driver

3 Channel DMX LED Driver

The LDMX-PWM-350CC-3 provides control of LED lighting products that require a 350mA constant current drive (such as our 3W RGB Taipan light fittings or the dimmable Taipan range) using industry standard DMX512 or our Colour Theme Controller.


  • DMX or Colour Theme Controller Input
  • Perfect to control RGB colour mixing LED light installations
  • Digilin's smoothed PWM transitions makes dimming seamless
  • Up to 22V maximum output voltage
  • Drives up to 5 high power LED fittings in series per channel

The LDMX-PWM-350CC-3 is a DMX receiver with three 350mA PWM switched constant current sources for driving high power LED’s or LED’s fittings such as Digilin’s PWM range of Taipan, Trident and Amphilux fittings or Lumiled’s Luxeon & Osram’s Dragon series.

The unit features a wide output voltage range that suits from 1 to 5 LED’s in series.This includes being able to run up to 5 of the 3 Watt RGB Taipans (dependent on cable length).

The PWM outputs make use of Digilin’s special smoothed transitions software, making variations in light output almost imperceptible.  In addition to DMX input, the unit also has a connector for direct interfacing to Digilin’s Colour Theme Controller, which in conjunction with the direct connection to Digilin’s PWM LED fitting range, makes a complete system simple to install and control.